The first SONA of President Rodrigo Duterte is said to have a SONA of many firsts. Netizens collected these firsts as well as compared it to the former SONAs. Others took pleasure in compiling Pres. Duterte's best lines (especially the ones about free Wi-Fi). 

But here's a few things and moments you might have missed but can seriously make you laugh.

1) The President's SONA outfit
He proves that he is the new trendsetter as he pairs barong tagalog with black slacks. Aside from it's not your usual classy look, he wore the barong loose and big. SWAG!

2) Funny Faces
You might have caught some of these in the camera. Some have even became viral like his shake-hand-moment with long-time critic Senator Leila De Lima. He cannot seem to hide his true self, eh? LOL!

3) Duterte Remained Seated
He wasn't able to get the memo on standing with everybody before the singing of the National Anthem. Don't blame him, it wasn't in the script!

4) Arroyo neck-brace face
That moment when you have to second look every time the camera pans to Arroyo. What's your secret to instant healing madame?

5) Bato laughing his heart out
The chief of police cannot help his fanboy heart! He was consistentlty caught laughing and eagerly listening to every word. Not to mention his non-stop clapping. 

6) Talking to the prompter on his mic
He kept joking about the prompter getting asleep or telling him to skip a part because its too long or he's done. Was that even allowed?  Good for him, Direk Brillante Mendoza didn'tcall for a pack up!

7) Repeat the repeat my repeat.
Wait what? He got a little stumble as he tried to emphasize his stance against drugs. “I repeat…my repeat…the repeat…my repeat…to all.” Whatever?

8) Jokes at Sotto, Drilon and more
"Drilon, binabackbite ka dito oh." We were squirming in our seats after hearing this. Too straightforward there, Mr.President. He didn't stop there though. He also joked about himself and said "“Di ko alam ba’t ako andito ngayon… Wala naming kahit isa na andito na sumuporta sa akin (I don’t know why I’m here. Nobody present here supported me.” *laughs*

9) Too many off-scripts
Okay, from an expected 38 minutes to an hour and a half? HOLY COW! And so let us take a moment of silence for the ones who will transcribe this SONA. 

That's it, folks. As much as these things made you laugh, stay critical to the things that needs attention and change. The administration needs you more than ever.
Source: TNP, Kami

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