Recent Pulse Asia survey have revealed an outstanding number of people who says they trust the newest President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte in keeping his promises for this nation. Many people expect the change he has promised and believe that he is a man of his words; And this have reflected on the latest survey of Pulse, among the top 2 leading public opinion polling firms in the Philippines.

Eversince Pulse Asia's first survey on the Presidential trust rating nothing has come close to the trust given to the newly elect President Duterte who have gained an outstanding 91%. The closest that any President starting from former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada Up to present is down by 11%; Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III have gained 80% during the survey last October of 2010 and this have fluctuated in the following months of his term rising up and below from 65% to 75% inconsistently.

The 91% of Duterte is historical and record-breaking! It proves that majority of this nation have completely entrusted the governance of the Philippines to Duterte. This is unbelievably high yet this is also expected considering that in the few weeks eversince he has seated as President ha have kept true to his word and did amazing wonders that have been doubted at first. More than 80,000 drug suspects have surrendered, the Police department is being rid of corruption, illegalities and drug involvement. 

There is so much more he can offer this country and the entire nation awaits the change that has come and is yet to come.

Source: TNP , Facebook

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