An open letter for Senator Leila De Lima was posted on social media by DOJ prosecutor Darwin Cañete saying, “Don’t use women to excuse yourself of your own stupidity and weakness.” Monday, November 14, Senator Leila De Lima was interviewed by Winnie Monsod on her show at GMA News TV, “Wag kang pasaway” wherein for the first time, Senator De Lima admitted her relationship with her driver/body guard Ronnie Dayan

When Monsod asked De Lima what would be her reason why did she fell for a driver/bodyguard. She said, “Frailties of a woman.” The DOJ prosecutor seems to be upset with her reason why she fell for Dayan.  'Don’t Use Women To Excuse Yourself Of Your Own Stupidity And Weakness' - DOJ Prosecutor Writes An Open Letter For De Lima

Senator De Lima’s excuse according to Cañete is an insult to the capacity of a woman to have good judgment and to be strong. Meanwhile, she denied that Dayan and herself were involved in narcopolitics

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